Four Housing

The school is divided into four houses, namely, Confidence (Green), Courage (Red), Compassion (Blue), and Curiosity (Yellow). The Patrons of the Houses are Tagore, Bhagat Singh, Mother Theresa and Abdul Kalam respectively. All the activities will be conducted house-wise on Saturday, and the students are required to come in the house uniform. All the activities are aimed at developing team spirit, co-operation, sharing, organizational skills, leadership qualities and to inculcate in them a keen sense of community service and sensitivity towards the environment. Each house embodies a quality which is designated by it name. It will be the endeavour of the school to inculcate these qualities in the students in a safe, nurturing and multi-cultural environment. The school will provide ample opportunities to students to participate in a wide range of activities such as art, craft, dancing, music, singing, dramatics, elocution, creative writing, debates, quizes, environmental initiatives, community building exercises, skating, Taekwondo and sports and games.

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