Vision & mission

The school thus aims at making its own contribution, through the integral formation of the students, towards a radical transformation of the present social structures and conditions prevalent in our country so that the principles of social justice, equality of opportunity, genuine freedom and respect for the religious, moral and social values enshrined in the Constitution of India may prevail and that the possibility of living a fully human existence may be open to all. In other words, the school will do all in its power to facilitate the students to join their hands with the people of good-will to usher in a more just and humane society in our country. Therefore, increasing insistence will be laid on education and educational programmes aimed at the integration of the various sections of the society by co-operative efforts among students, their sharing and growing up together. In our educational efforts, we do recognize that the influence of the school on a student’s growth is limited.

Other influences such as family, friends, the youth culture and the general socio-economic environment in which one lives and breathes (the socio-cultural and religious milieu) will either hinder or foster the student’s growth. Fully aware of these limitations, we believe that the children who enter the doors of this institution can be formed into conscientious young men and women who are open to growth, intellectually competent, religiously tolerant, generous and considerate towards their fellow beings and especially, sensitive to the most disadvantaged sections of our society and hence, deeply committed to doing justice in solidarity with them. Having enlightened of their heart and mind, each and every student, therefore, will endeavour to be proactive and will lead others into the bright light of FREEDOM where “JUSTICE, social, economic and political; LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; EQUALITY of status and opportunity; and FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual” shall prevail supreme. Hence, the vision of the school is,




Empower, Flourish, Radiate


Trust in God, Discipline, Respect, Optimism, Service - Mindedness

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